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About Us


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For the last 30 years founder Mark Trudeau has been a pioneer in the commercial furnishings industry working with the nation's top office furniture manufacturers to develop many of the innovative features that are now commonplace in most workplace products. He was also a key participant in developing modular industrial work spaces now used in technology manufacturing.


Since 1984, we have executed successful office projects for:


- 20th Century Fox Video

- 3M Automotive

- Durr Industries

- Sanwa Bank/ Leasing

- Sebonic Financial

- Hydromatic and AC Delco divisions of General Motors

- Roush Technologies/Roush Racing

- Compuware

- Wells Fargo Bank

- Kimpton Hotels

- Harsch Investment Properties

- HCA Healthcare


Technology, coupled with convenient and efficient transportation, continues to eliminate boundaries, making it possible for our firm to reach across the nation and continents to address our client’s needs wherever you may be.  Distance is not a limiting factor in our ability to produce expert solutions for your specific needs.


Generally speaking, most office supply and furniture companies operate from a basic sales process—presenting the manufacturers and products they are contractually obligated to support; and while many manufacturer’s today offer creative and solution focused products, few office supply or furniture dealerships possess the expertise necessary to deliver highly efficient workspaces. At Productive Office Environments, we follow a multi-step approach to ensure our clients receive the tailored solution they require.

PROGRAMMING- Our first goal is to assist our clients in understanding the many options and approaches that will answer their facility objectives. To do this, we investigate issues and needs thoroughly to understand as completely as possible, the challenges before us

TEAM- Depending upon the projects specific needs, we define the scope of work and pull together the project team that best fits the projects objectives

IDEATION-  After carefully considering various options, we present the best solution and how it addresses both the objectives and the criteria for selecting vendors and products

EXECUTION- With a solution firmly established, we shift to implementation, coordinating all the many aspects of taking the solution from paper to reality

Embedded in this approach is what we call our “Facility Management” methodology.  We approach every project from a position of ultimate value, to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome for the established budget.  We consider the quality of the total solution from a cost perspective, including cost of ownership—both immediate and long term.  This approach also takes into account, identifying a measureable return on the investment, as a project is successful that  produces a quantifiable benefit for the investment made.


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