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Every project starts with a need, and ends with a solution.  It’s the actions in-between these two points that produce a successful project! Existing workplace auditing, needs investigation, solution development, client and vendor communication, milestone scheduling, budgeting, procurement, installation and move-in.  Experience and teamwork in these areas and many others produce expert and reliable results—every time!

                                                     CREATING PLACE


Creating place is the application of comprehensive planning for individuals, departments, and entire organizations to produce a creative solution for the workplace environment.  This takes into account the movement of people and information inside the organization, individual work area needs, type of technology and equipment used, storage needs, meeting and collaborative space needs, culture, brand, image, user comfort and well-being, and the right blend between privacy and community to encourage the greatest results possible.  In the end, place is what we desire, and where we all want to be.



Our firm is adept at enhancing project collaboration—supporting the relationships that exist between your commercial real estate professional, architect, interior designer, IT staff, and the many other vendors that must interface to produce the final workplace product. We bring to every project the best of our knowledge and experience and welcome the opportunity to work with others who may be needed to deliver the total workplace solution.





Every project we do features 30 days free storage, allowing flexibility in the project schedule for delivery and installation.  Additionally, we can provide unlimited short and long term storage for company assets, including expert inventory and security, packaging, and shipment to almost any address worldwide. 



A timely and efficient installation is the point where the program solution becomes the realized solution for our clients, and is one of the most important aspects of every project we do.  Every delivery and installation effort is conducted with care, working from a detailed schedule, plans and objectives to minimize and even eliminate, disruptions, delays, damage and deficiencies—what is known in the office furniture world as the “Four Deadly D’s!”  Working with highly trained installers the nation over, we coordinate and then oversee with a personal presence, all our projects



Working with an extensive list of related industry professionals, we provide tailored services to meet any need you may have—architectural and construction services, custom finishes, decorative items, equipment, and custom millwork/ furnishings.  We can also supply specialized lighting, sound masking, rapid document delivery, audio/ visual, and teleconferencing amenities.  Whatever need you may identify, we have a resource or product available to address it.



Developing project resources, both vendors and materials, is a major component of a successful project and requires detailed and critical care at every step. Unique and customized tools enable us to deliver expertly crafted and accurate documentation of a projects plan and cost in an easy to understand package




Product leasing and finance options are always available and we are pleased to offer a variety of options in this area.






We take warranty and service issues seriously and provide immediate response and resolution.  We honor and manage all manufacturers’ product warranties, and provide year over year servicing to keep your workplace in the best possible shape.

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